Our little Jam nights are hosted by professional GIGGING MUSICIANS and operated by qualified AUDIO ENGINEERS.

Our Jam Nights are a whole heap of fun with no pressure, no dramas and best of all we welcome beginners... 

These Jams are all about YOU... The Musician, The Venue, The Public... EVERYBODY!!

Our aim is to bring as many muso's as possible together to have fun, meet other musicians, help and teach the next generation and the beginners, to play and appreciate great live local music either original or covers...EVERYONE IS WELCOME!!

We aim to share as much music around wherever we can... We have avenues that support professional musicians and we also have avenues that support the new comers into the industry!!!

Our Open Mic/Jam Nights are always a great night of fun and tunes!

Recorded for YOU...

Each performances is recorded giving each performer the opportunity to collect their CD before the next performer starts for a small fee of only $5.

All CDs can only be used for demo purposes however they are also a great tool to take home and to hear how you sound live as they are basically unedited apart from a bit of compression and EQ here and there.

All recordings are kept for no longer than 14 days from the date of performance and will be deleted at the end of each fortnight.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the individual performer/act can collect his/her/their cd and only 1 CD (one) can be purchased on the night per 3 song act , additional copies can be arranged for other performers in the act or for more copies for personal distribution to collect the following week. All monies will need to be collected on the day of request.


Sick of waiting on that guy/gal that doesn't get off the stage??? It's a jammers worst nightmare...

Our hosts ensure a smooth flow of acts and a fair rotation with NO favouritism or pre booked in acts...

Each performer is asked to keep it to 3 songs/15 minutes or so. Once the performer has finished their set they are then encouraged to rewrite their name down for another set.

With this structure we have managed to keep CD wait times to a wowing 3-4 minutes from the time the performer finishes, to getting it into their hand.

This 3 song structure works great at keeping everyone happy and our nights fun and fair.

The BEST NAMES on the job!

We believe in great sound, great music and great times... All this would hardly be possible without the help of our friends below!!!!