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Welcome to KBE KARAOKE

Covid19 Restrictions and procedures are currently in place at all kbe shows, please follow all simple instructions and use common sense when attending our karaoke and other events

about the show

From Day 1 we have always tried to offer a "different karaoke"

Our Karaoke is fast paced, professionally hosted and most of all DRAMA FREE.


Countless times we hear... "it's great to come to your show because there's no drama, pressure and everyone has a great time". 

We pride ourselves on FAIR non biased ROTATIONS, MINIMAL DEAD AIR, MINIMAL MICROPHONE FEEDBACK and a  pumping and  motivating atmosphere.

We have multiple theme nights across our Karaoke Shows. We also have private Karaoke groups for all our shows where you can come, have as much fun as you like and find all your photos in one place to save plus you also have the option to share to your own circle of friends etc.

The main reason our groups are private is to protect our customers and singers so they feel safe knowing their photos wont be available to view to anyone that's not affiliated with the group.

Come along to our Karaoke shows and see how much fun we are having!

We've got great sound due to our professionally trained sound team PLUS some of the bubbliest, loveliest and professional hosts out there!

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