If you've never experienced a KBE Trivia event - then you haven't experienced trivia the way it's meant to be! 

Gather your friends, family and colleagues together for a drink and a meal - then pit your knowhow against the mental mettle of your community every week! 

Our trivia events are free to enter - and fantastic prizes are up for grabs!

Our “Brain Buster” Trivia can be presented on your venue’s entertainment system or we can bring our own!! 

We can present straight from your big screen, projector or of course any plasma TVs.

Our Multimedia Trivia seamlessly incorporates music, pictures and video keeping clarity and definition in mind with each question being presented clearly on the big screen, along with visual and audio clues, and your KBE host will keep your audience actively engaged throughout the entire night.

Your trivia night won’t just be promoted through our Kye Brown Entertainment website and Facebook groups – but also through the TriviaWorks network – including

Trivia players buy dinner and drinks, bring their friends and family Trivia players are looking to have some good, clean and honest fun on an otherwise quiet night in your venue. 

A listing at is a guarantee of quality for those discerning players who value a fun night out over the relentless pursuit of prizes.

40% of players at a weekly event will play more than one pub trivia game a week, so our marketing strategy will focus on attracting such players to add your night to their calendars. 

We will work with you to coordinate a marketing campaign that not only targets existing clientele to return on trivia night – but also the local community and the trivia-going community around your area.

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