Live Recording Services

Our mobile recording services are a great way of capturing ANY LIVE PERFORMANCE or event.

No need for studio time, we'll come to your gig or wherever you are and give you the best live audio mix you've ever heard! 

We have multiple options for multiple possibilities! Some occasions such as,

Solo or duo gigs

Wedding ceremonies and receptions

Birthday Parties


Business Meetings

School Events and Presentation Nights

plus loads more!!!

Packages start from as little as $5 per CD. 


to request a call back and for more details!


P.A Hire!!

Need to make noise??

Our PA Packages will have you reaching your audience in no time!

All KBE equipment comes with a Qualified KBE Team Member!

We have a WIDE RANGE OF OPTIONS and Qualified Team Members to assist you in every way possible.

Some examples of use are..

  • Spruking/Retail Advertising
  • Wedding Ceremonies 
  • Sporting Events
  • Live Entertainment (Soloists to Bands)
  • Speeches
  • DJ's 

  • Birthday Parties
  • Dance Parties
  • School Discos
  • School Functions
  • Business Meetings
  • Christmas Parties

Our Team of KBE Audio Engineers are not only qualified and have demonstrated some great work but they are also professional in every way!

Black tie functions, rock parties etc our team dress, act and mix appropriately and professionally at all times.

The Big Guns!!

If by chance we need to "up the anti" and bring in the big guns our good mates at SG AUDIO sort us out! From Jon English to Carols by candle light serving sound to a whole community.. SG AUDIO are one of the best in the business!

It doesn't matter how small or how big your event is KBE can help!!


If you're looking for a hassle free PA Hire and audio options with a company that knows what they're doing... CONTACT US NOW