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Each act on our ARTISTS page has performed numerous times for us and has received positive and great feedback!


We are so happy to have the opportunity to provide an avenue for each of the acts on this site and any act that meets the standard to showcase their individuality and amazing talents. 


Each act has been hand picked by KBE from multiple agents across Sydney plus directly. We do not OWN any act, our aim is to supply and promote the best acts available from all of our resources.


Each act on this page has received great reports from the gigs that they have played for us and we can confidently recommend any act on the ARTISTS page and know that they will leave their audience wanting more!!


If you find an act on our page that you have seen before and would like to discuss bookings please contact us via our "Contact Page" for more information including Bios, Demos, Song lists and more. 


If you are interested in playing for us or you have played for us and we have accidentally left you off the list, we are still updating the site so please contact us via the same contact form..

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