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What can you expect at our Trivia shows?

We don't like to brag too much...

but we do have a pretty amazing time at our shows!!

Harry Potter Round

Harry Potter Round

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From teams taunting each other across the room, to the head to head battles and challenges... we like to liven things up a bit with our trivia...


Every week we start with a "General Knowledge" round just to get the mind tinkering!!

Then we challenge you with a random round of either Guess the lyric, a catch phrase, who am i or something else all while scratching your head and guessing with your team mates about the table quiz that needs to be completed by the end of the show!


After a short break we have our advertised focus round and we mix that up WEEKLY!!


a speed round of general knowlege related questions and a "Musical Bingo PLUS" round thrown in to give the winning team a stunning 5 point advantage.

After our last break we have a couple more rounds before we finish off the night with our "Don't forget the lyrics" Round and add up all the scores to crown our victorious winners and champions! 

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Bring your friends, family, kids, work colleagues, team mates or anyone whos keen for some fun! Our shows go for approx 2-2.5 hrs and our hosts can always recommend something yummy from the menu! Need a table of 6 or more? contact us via our facebook page (listed below) so we can reserve you a table this week.

We've got Plenty of Rounds, Prizes and questions to keep everyone entertained, guessing and learning something new each and every week! Come and have some fun with us!

Stay up to date with upcoming events by

joining us on FACEBOOK

- General KBE Trivia Format -

General Knowledge  - Brain Teaser/Music Rounds
Advertised Quiz Theme - Musical Bingo Plus -Don’t Forget The Lyrics rounds
Speed Rounds - Am i Wrong - fast 5 - Table Quiz
3x 5 minute breaks 

2-2.5 hrs of Trivia

Contact us today for any more info Including up coming special themes and events.

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