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are you Looking for a trivia show that leaves your patrons and guests feeling entertained and a little smarter after every show? Something a little different, exciting and new?

Our new trivia is fun, sociable and mind boggling all at the same time!

After SPENDING YEARS sourcing multiple trivia shows in the past from multiple companies, nearly falling asleep and having some of the HARDEDST questions IN THE WORLD... we decided to make our own trivia.

As an entertainment company we designed our OWN trivia from the ground up, the way that we think it should be...


FUN, Sociable, competitive and most of all.... NOT BORING!!


KBE Trivia was designed to be current, different and still challenging enough for the biggest trivia buff.


Our rounds are created with the intention of getting the crowd to participate in the answers, a little banter here and there and most of all they look forward to returning the following week to catch up with their mates and family and of course our crew.

Our trivia is constantly being updated to stay current with pop culture, political & global events, music and entertainment plus listening to customer feedback and requests to ensure our guests have a great time, on a regular basis.

Our Trivia is hosted by professional and fun hosts who interact and involve the crowd to ensure a fun and memorable experience.

Our Trivia is displayed on multiple TVs to allow for maximum interaction. This

allows all our guests to not only hear the question but to also visually see

them. Incorporating visuals into our trivia has allowed us to use multiple forms of multimedia that are eye catching and engaging.

Layer 1.png

The TVs help us to showcase the use of catch phrases, video/movie clips, who am i’s plus showcase sponsors and advertise upcomg events at your venue plus more.

KBE uses quality JBL speakers and SHURE Wireless Microphones to deliver clear, crisp, clean and pleasing audio, giving our guests the opportunity  to hear everything clearly to allow them to answer quickly and have the best chance at winning.

- General KBE Trivia Package -

1x Professional KBE Host with all AV equipment, Weekly quiz material and answer sheets.

General Knowledge  - Brain Teaser/Music Rounds
Advertised Quiz Theme - Musical Bingo Plus -Don’t Forget The Lyrics rounds
Speed Rounds - Am i Wrong - Fast 5 - Table Quiz
3x 5 minute breaks 

2-2.5 hrs of Trivia

Contact us today for pricing info and packages

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