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Get your crowd having fun together and singing their favourite songs.


Our Team of hosts are reliable, professional, outgoing, very approachable, fun, cheerful and entertaining!!


All KBE HOSTS can sing!

However they know they're not there to.


One of the best things is, if at the start sometimes it's a little quiet and people are a little shy to take to the microphone before some liquid courage. Our KBE HOSTS can entertain and warm the crowd up and sing a song or two to get them going. We can even sing along with them if they feel more comfortable at the start of the song if they're very shy.

We Encourage all patrons and guests to sing, offer a bit of banter and have a barrel of fun!

Our hosts motivate and encourage the crowd and the singers by helping them select a song and to participate in the show.

Our KBE Hosts capture the moments of the night and share the photos on our secure dedicated karaoke groups for your customers. Private and corporate events are emailed directly to the event coordinator.

Our hosts are in constant communication with patrons, guests, staff, event management to guarantee a great night!


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