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Get your crowd having fun together and singing their favourite songs.

the kbe karaoke Sound Team

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Having professional technicians behind the scenes of our karaoke show combining the use of our professional Audio Equipment gives us a remarkable quality sounding Karaoke.


You may be asking yourself, "is that even possible with KARAOKE"??

The Answer is YES!


Our qualified Team don't just set and forget... 

AS an ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY we understand every singer is unique! every singer NEEDS to be constantly adjusted or balanced/not too much bass for example.

Our audio Team are constantly checking and adjusting the sound, keeping a fair and fast rotation, liaising with management or the event coordinator to ensure a pleasant volume, all whilst keeping the atmosphere positive and flowing with appropriate filler music and minimal dead air or microphone feedback throughout the event.

Having a great audio team not only ensures a great sound but ensures reliability, consistency and, with technology sometimes going pear shaped, our team always get the job done with minimal downtime. As they say, "The show must go on"!!

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